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Who would want to watch this guy play?

Who would want to watch this guy play?

As if we needed more proof that Minnesota Vikings fans are the worst fans in the NFL, but here you have it.

Apparently, a 7-1 record and an all-star offense with quarterback Brett Favre and running back Adrian Peterson isn’t enough to draw Vikings fans to the MetroBarn. The team is facing possible blackouts if it can’t sell an estimated 4,000 remaining tickets for their upcoming home game against Detroit and 3,500 tickets for the following Sunday against Seattle.

The Lions and Seahawks are by no means elite NFL teams, but the Queens could be 9-1 if they win both games – their best start since 1998.

It’s absolutely pathetic that the Vikings can’t sell tickets – whether they’re winning or whether they’re losing. Last season, the Vikings were at risk of a local blackout for their wild card playoff game at home against the Philadelphia Eagles – yes, A PLAYOFF GAME. In fact, the NFL had to give the team two extensions to sell the remaining tickets, and only 55 percent of season ticket holders even bought tickets to the game. Wow.

However, in a way, I don’t blame Vikings fans. The MetroBarn is one of the worst stadiums in the NFL, and who really wants to watch football inside a crappy dome? The atmosphere isn’t great and the fans are rude and obnoxious. The product on the field is usually mediocre at best, too.

But COME ON, people. What’s it going to take for you to want to watch your team play in person this season? A 10-1 record? 11-1? The return of Cris Carter and John Randle? I don’t get it.

The bandwagon is chugging along in full gear, Minnesotans, jump on board. It’s what you’re famous for.