Jay Cutler

How come they don't like me?

It’s true. Chicago Bears’ quarterback Jay Cutler hasn’t performed up to the lofty, Jesus-like expectations set out for him when he arrived from Denver.

Sure, he leads the league in interceptions with 18 (vs. 15 touchdown passes). It’s true that Cutler interceptions put an end to any chance the Bears had in their last two games.

But it’s also worth noting that Cutler hasn’t had much help (<—- as we did right there). Maybe any help.

Of course, that doesn’t matter to Chicago Bears’ fans. Cutler is making them look bad, even though they were the idiots who proclaimed him the second coming, the Bears’ savior and their ticket to the Super Bowl in the preseason.

Unlike Minnesota Vikings’ fans, I actually respect Chicago Bears’ fans. They know football. Their team has actually won something of consequence.

That’s what made all the bluster about Cutler at the beginning of the season all the more confusing. But I guess having a “franchise” quarterback for the first time since the 1940s is reason enough to overlook that aging defense and lack of offensive weapons.

And so, the honeymoon is officially over. This video came to us via the Beachwood Reporter and is f’ing hilarious.