You remember football in January, dont you?

You remember football in January, don't you?

From the Take From This What You Will Department…

After 10,001 simulations run on the remainder of the NFL schedule, the Green Bay Packers make the playoffs at 10-6. That is, if you believe What If Sports, which runs said simulations based on some sort of mumbo jumbo that isn’t terribly clear.

From what I gather, wins and losses are “calculated by summing the win and loss probabilities” in each team’s remaining games.

Far out.

So, what else did we learn?

Current division leaders Minnesota and New Orleans will win their divisions at 12-4 and 15-1, respectively. Dallas will win the NFC East at 11-5. San Francisco will win the West at 9-7 and Philadelphia will join the Packers as a wild card at 10-6.

There you have it. Now you don’t even have to watch the NFL until the playoffs.

Seriously, though, we broke down the NFL based on performance thus far, on Tuesday. A lot of things can change between now and January, but I would generally agree with the simulation results.

The Saints and Vikings are very likely to earn the top two seeds in the NFC bracket. However, I still like the Eagles better than the Cowboys in the East and Cardinals better than the 49ers in the West.

The Cowboys don’t impress me, and as much as I want to cheer for the Wisconsin guy, Tony Romo has never won the big game. Arizona is the picture of inconsistency, but it’s hard to see a 49ers team with that offense making the playoffs.

Can the Packers make it as a wild card? Sure they can, but there’s a long road ahead.

Oh, and if you’re wondering where the Chicago Bears are, well, they’re 8-8 and not going anywhere but home.