I’m not really one to throw a guy’s wife under the bus for his petty, ignorant, disgusting decisions, but let’s be honest with ourselves – Deanna Favre had just as much to do with Brett Favre leaving the Green Bay Packers and eventually winding up with the Minnesota Vikings as Brett Favre did.

You know it’s true. Each year, during the Annual Brett Favre Retirement Press Conference (and before it the Annual Brett Favre Waffling Press Conference), Lord Brett would speak about how much his family played a role in his decision. He would talk about how he discussed the decision with Deanna at length. Our hearts would get heavy and we would think of what a great guy Brett Favre was and how he was so focused on his family, conveniently dismissing the sins of his past when he was a 20-something, pill-popping, alcoholic hot shot fucking every hot girl in Green Bay not named Deanna and generally acting like he owned the place.

So, you know, what I’m saying here is that Deanna could have told Brett not to play for the Minnesota Vikings and he wouldn’t have. Of course, then Deanna wouldn’t have been true to her man (and his wallet).

Anyway, it’s pretty obvious that neither Deanna or Brett Favre give two shits about the Green Bay Packers or their fans.

And not that this photo is necessarily proof of that, but that was one fucking fantastic lead in, wasn’t it?