A lot of man.

That’s right. The Gravedigger, Gilbert Brown, the 340-pound former Green Bay Packers defensive tackle would fart on Brett Favre.

Brown and ESPN First Take host Jay Crawford had this exchange during Friday’s show (ESPN is apparently running a series of former Packers talking about Favre’s return to Lambeau Field – William Hendrson was on the show on Thursday).

Crawford: “How would you approach getting to Brett Favre?”

Brown: “Let me tell you this, he always wore that red jersey in practice so we couldn’t touch him. So, if I was out there, I would mow everything down to get to him – just to give him that lick. I wouldn’t grave dig him up or anything like that, but I would fart on him.”

Crawford: “[Laughter] I’ve gotta move on from that. I absolutely have to. [Brown laughs] Thanks for that. Let me Control Alt Delete here.”

The exchange was hilarious if just for Crawford’s reaction to it. He clearly has to compose himself after Brown’s answer. You can see the full interview here.

The real question here is, would Gilbert eat one of those Gilbert Burgers from Burger King before the game? Remember those?

If you don’t, they were a pile of just about every piece of crap you could put on a two beef patties. Here’s the recipie: double whopper with double cheese, double lettuce, double tomato, double mayo, double onion, double ketchup.

Now, I can’t imagine the gastrointestinal workings of a man who eats something like that smell real good. So imagine Favre’s gag reaction.