Or we’ll fucking stab you.

It really was inevitable, I guess. Idiot fans of other NFL teams not named the Green Bay Packers like to talk shit. They like to talk shit when the Packers lose, because, among other things, the knowledge of a Packers fans greatly surpasses their own. They like to talk shit because in most cases, they are the fan of a two-bit franchise that has never won shit, and well, they’re jealous of the Packers rich history and many championships. Fans of the Minnesota Vikings or Seattle Seahawks come to mind.

So, after the Packers disgusting defeat on Monday night at the hands of the Minnesota Vikings, someone decided to talk shit to the wrong Packers fans. And well, he got stabbed.

Not that we condone violence in any way, but can I just ask this question? Why in the fuck would you talk shit to a Packers fan after what is obviously one of the most emotional games he’s ever watched, and one where his team lost? Are you fucking stupid?

According to criminal assault charges filed Wednesday, Ryan Hinderaker, 30, “bickered back and forth” in the restaurant with a 41-year-old man about the game. Police said Hinderaker was wearing a Packers T-shirt.

Hinderaker later turned himself in, but some in the Minnesota media were quick to point out that the victim, Leif Heide, wasn’t a Vikings fan. In fact, he is a Seahawks fan.

Well done. Way to get the stain of that stupidity off the worst fans in pro sports. Totally seemed like something a Vikings fan would do. I’d hate to have to elevate Seahawks fans into the pantheon of shit that you guys occupy, but it looks like I do, at least temporarily.

Now, Packers fans, it’s OK to get angry. It’s not OK to stab people, so don’t do it. If you do, I’m trading you to the Vikings and really, not jail, prison, or even the death penalty can compare with a lifetime sentence of being a Vikings fan.