Guest Post
Brett Favre

Listen guys, I'm a dumbass, but…

During media comments following the Minnesota Vikings’ 38-10 drubbing of the St. Louis Rams on Sunday, quarterback Brett Favre made some waves by saying the team was the best he’s ever played on.

“I think, physically and from a talent level, this is the best team I’ve ever been on,” Favre said.

But Favre didn’t just make that statement with no follow up. He made it clear that although he knows this year’s Vikings team is talented, there’s a lot of work to be done.

“I said this from Day One; it’s all how it shakes out – you’ve got to have a little luck, [the] injury bug is always a factor for everyone,” Favre said. “But to me, how our chemistry continues to come together is the most important thing. And that goes from play-calling to who runs this route better. What run and what play-action comes off of one play to the next. Just kind of getting into the zone, if you will.”

If this sounds familiar to Packers fans, it should. Favre said the same thing in 2007, when he led the Packers to a 13-3 record and nearly made it to his third Super Bowl. In fact, he mentioned that reference in comments leading up to the Monday night Green Bay-Minnesota game.

“You guys laughed at me two years (ago in Green Bay) before our 13-3 season when I said this was probably the most talented team I’d ever played on,’’ Favre said. “Everyone thought I was crazy.”

Yeah, well count me among those who think Brett’s a little crazy this time around. And if not crazy, then definitely jumping the gun.

We all know the Vikings are a decent football team. And that takes A LOT for this Vikings hater to admit. But, come on, Brett. Really? This team is better than that 13-3 Packers team from a couple seasons ago? Better than the Packers team you won a Super Bowl with in 1996?

The Vikings are good, but with two games left against the Bears and one at Lambeau Field, this division race is far from over. Hell, the SEASON is far from over. A lot can change in a month in pro football.

Star Tribune columnist Mark Craig told fans in a column Monday not to worry about another late season collapse from their team, as has happened in pretty much every other season the Vikings have been around. (Ed. note: you have to be a member of Vikings Premium to read said column, and well, we’re certainly not going to encourage you to pay for anything Vikings-related.)

“This year’s Vikings have a better defense. A better quarterback in Favre. A better running back in Adrian Peterson. And while Mike Tice won with more limited resources, the Vikings also have a steadier hand on the steering wheel with Brad (Flat-line) Childress as coach.”

Ahem. Sorry. I nearly choked on my drink there at the thought of a team being BETTER than anything with Chilly as its coach. But that’s beside the point. Craig, as Vikings fans and reporters are known to do, is jumping on the bandwagon way too quickly here. Injuries happen. Players can be suspended for violating the league’s anti-doping policy (Pat and Kevin Williams, anyone?). Coaches can be fired (hey, we can all dream, can’t we?).

I think this is another example of our fine former quarterback twisting the knife in the collective stomachs of the Green Bay Packers organization and its fans. Every time he says Adrian Peterson is the best running back of all time or how this is the best team he’s ever played on, he’s essentially telling fans how great it is to be in a purple jersey instead of a green one.

I’m not buying it, Brett. Just like other recent seasons, the guy is playing brilliant football right now. But I’d like to see what he’s doing in November or December before I start believing the latest bullshit coming out of his mouth.