Ochocinco Lambeau Leap

This will never get old.

I’m sure you were thinking what the rest of us were thinking when Cincinnati Bengals’ receiver Chad Ochocinco did the Lambeau Leap on Sunday – what scumbags from Green Bay sold those idiots their tickets?

Well, we may never know how the transaction went down, and with good reason. If I were the asshole who sold my Green Bay Packers’ tickets to a fan from the opposing team, and then that fan perpetrated a memorable, notorious anti-Packers moment, well, I’d hide out too. This isn’t on the level of Steve Bartman and the Chicago Cubs (who have once again brought futility to an unattained level, this season – hahahahahahaha!), but it’s not good either.

What we do know is this. Ochocinco purchased the tickets himself, after a Bungles fans volunteered to help him with his Lambeau Leap via Twitter. Ochocinco delivered the tickets to Mike Bergs, a Cincinnati transplant living in Evanston, Illinois, who invited a couple of other Bungles fans living in Salt Lake City.

We’re happy to see that the FIB-yness of living in Illinois has rubbed off on Bergs.

“We’re thinking, OK, that would be great if it comes together, but you know how it is. He’s got to score in our end zone. Heck, he’s got to score, period, and find us in the heat of the moment. We knew there would be a ton of other Packer fans around,” Bergs told the Journal Sentinel’s Jim Stingl.

“When he started making his way toward us, we knew it was on,” Bergs said. “His face. I wish I could have been shooting a camera at him. The smile on his face was from ear to ear. He was so excited.”

Ochocinco was lucky he scored in the appropriate end zone, as were his fans, I guess. Packers’ fans in the area seemed to be doing as much as they could to keep Ochocinco out of the stands. One fan extended his middle finger and the two fans behind the Bungles trio – who were wearing boxing gloves – threw some punches in Ochocinco’s direction.

I know several people who are pretty burned up about all of this, and there’s no denying that Ochocinco has perpetrated some pretty idiotic stunts in his day, but hell, he made it happen, so I’ll give him credit for doing so.

What I’m not so thrilled about is the way Packers’ tickets wound up in Ochocinco’s hands. Perhaps he got them from the Packers’ organization. More realistically, Ochocinco probably bought them from a broker or on eBay, in which case the tickets likely belong to a Packers’ season ticket holder, which irritates me in two ways.

First, if you’re not going to bother to go to the fucking games, maybe give up the tickets so people like my old man, who has been on the Packers’ season ticket list since 1979, can get some.

Second, if you’re going to sell your tickets, sell them to someone you know and not just to make a profit. When you do the latter, your tickets usually wind up with some shitbag fan of the opposing team. Lambeau Field is turning into Soldier Field north and the Metrodome east when the Packers play those particular divisional foes because of pricks like you who just sell your tickets to the highest bidder.

I’m all for capitalism, but have some fucking pride in your home team, and if you’re not a fan, then get the fuck out.