Childress picked Favre up at the airport this morning.

Well, that was quick.

After opening the door on the Brett Favre saga again yesterday when Jay Glazer reported he thought Favre would sign with the Minnesota Vikings, that very scenario is apparently unfolding right now.

Favre boarded a plane in Hattiesburg, Miss. this morning bound for St. Paul.

According to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Favre boarded by himself and commented, “We may know something by dinner.”

According to ESPN, Favre will sign a two-year contract with the Vikings, worth $25 million.

We are thankful that the cottage industry of “I hate Brett Favre” merchandise in Wisconsin can now continue, and those people will be able to feed their families.

Meanwhile, the sports world is abuzz with Brett Favre-related blather. One of the more interesting reads is from CBS Sports’ Clark Judge, who says Favre will do the Vikings more harm than good this season.

With Favre… I do know what he is, and I do know what he will be — and that’s an old quarterback waiting to break down as the season wears on. Favre turns 40 this year, and old quarterbacks get hurt, throw interceptions and, basically, have trouble making it through an entire season. Favre offered a demonstration a year ago when he self-destructed down the stretch with the New York Jets, throwing two touchdown passes and nine interceptions in their final five games — four of which they lost.

OK, he was hurt. But remember what I said: That’s what happens to old quarterbacks. The Vikings are taking him on because they believe he is better than what they have, Sage Rosenfels and Tarvaris Jackson. Maybe they’re right. But are we talking four games? Eight games? Twelve games? I guarantee you that what you get from Brett Favre in September is not what you get in December. Or maybe November.

We’ve pointed out how Favre broke down last season several times. And if they Vikings think he’s going to make it through an entire season injury free and in top form… well, then they’re stupider than even I thought.

So, let all the ignorant Vikings fans have their day and do their dance, because in the end it will be just like it always is. The Vikings won’t win shit, and we’ll be there to laugh in their pathetic faces.