Brett Favre Wrangler

Because we're running out of Favre photos to post.

Brett Favre has been spotted in Denver. How do we know this?

Total Packers was sent this report originally posted on the Mile High Report.

While I have no reason to doubt Brett Favre is indeed in Denver, it’s highly unlikely he’d make any sort of comeback-related trip without first alerting Rachel Nichols and ESPN. Fresh off what can only be described as an¬†embarrassing¬†flirtation with the Minnesota Vikings, it would be comical for Favre to turn around and start talking with an even more disorganized club, like the Denver Broncos.

If anyone was wondering if every bit of travel Brett Favre books will be scrutinized and analyzed, the answer is yes, of course.

It will be interesting to see how long Favre lingers in the news cycle, how many QB injuries it will take before no one utters his name as a possible replacement. A couple weeks? Mid-season? A couple years?