And I smoke Reds, so fuck you!

Apparently, some Green Bay Packers’ legends haven’t forgotten about fidelity, loyalty and Packer Pride. Or maybe Paul Hornung thinks the Minnesota Vikings suck that much (they do). Either way, Hornung doesn’t seem to think Brett Favre wearing Vikings’ purple necessarily guarantees a Lombardi Trophy for our idiot neighbors in the land o’ lakes.

“(Favre) ain’t going to win in Minnesota,” Hornung told revelers at a Wisconsin sports banquet on Tuesday.

“I’ll bet on it.”

Hats off to Packers’ great Paul Horning, who joins an increasingly vocal group of ex-NFL stars who are less than enthusiastic about Favre’s decision to stick it to the Packers. Hornung’s comments come on the heels of recent anti-Favre rants rants by Michael Irvin and Minnesota’s own Fran Tarkenton.