Brett Favre


Former Green Bay Packers’ quarterback Brett Favre is said to be conflicted about joining the Minnesota Vikings. ESPN uses the word “anguished” in relation to Favre’s decision-making process.

So, Favre to the Vikings isn’t quite a done deal yet. However, Favre apparently feels a bit of obligation to Minnesota’s coaching staff, who have been recruiting him since his release from the New York Jets.

Favre also seems to feel he owes something to several Vikings’ players who have been calling and texting him in recent days.

“If it weren’t for the involvement of the Vikings players directly telling Brett they want him on their team, I think he might have already decided against playing again,” a source told ESPN.

While it would be nice if Favre felt some sort of obligation to the Packers or the fans that supported him for so many years, we know that won’t happen.

Several Vikings players are telling Favre they feel he is the missing ingredient in a Vikings Super Bowl. Packers fans, of course, know that is an inaccurate assumption for two reasons.

1. The Vikings, as an organization, are bunch of chokers who will never win a Super Bowl.

2. Just when a Favre-led team gets close to anything in the playoffs, Favre will throw a boneheaded interception to lose the game.

Check out the video, which will fill in the blanks. While I think Favre is a cunt, I will say one thing – it looks like he can still throw a nice ball.