Greg Jennings is running to the bank.

As we reported earlier, Green Bay Packers receiver Greg Jennings is about to get paid.

ESPN says the deal isn’t finalized. However, earlier, Milwaukee’s Fox 6 reported that it was.

So let me cut through the bullshit – Jennings deal is all but signed.

As ESPN reports, the Packers will pay Jennings $27 million in new money in order to keep him through 2012. That number could jump to $30 million if Jennings reaches some incentives.

$16 million is guaranteed, and the contract is front loaded, which makes sense. The Packers currently have more than $20 million in salary cap room and front loading the contract will ensure the team has flexibility in the coming years.

If Jennings contract numbers are accurate, he will likely trail only Arizona’s Larry Fitzgerald as the highest paid receiver in the NFL.

Jennings is coming off a season in which he recorded 80 catches for 1,292 yards and 9 TDs, and entering his fourth season, Jennings will only get better.

The Packers made the right move, and Jennings handled himself well during negotiations, unlike someone else we all know.

Congrats, Greg!