Mike McKenzie and his brother

Separated at birth?

Getting cut – it’s a reality for many veterans with high salary cap numbers this time of year. Yesterday, the New Orleans Saints released cornerback Mike McKenzie, and I must say, it couldn’t have happened to a better guy.

McKenzie is 32 and would have had a salary cap number of $4.575 million this year. Now, he’s out of work and frankly, I couldn’t care less.

Mike McKenzie is douche.

No… wait. Mike McKenzie is fucking douche.

If you’re unaware of where these strong feelings for McKenzie come from, then you don’t recall why McKenzie wound up on the Saints to begin with, five seasons ago.

During the 2003 season, McKenzie was the Green Bay Packers top cornerback. Before the 2004 season, several cornerbacks were given big money on the free agent market.

McKenzie, who was in the midst of a contract that paid him $17.1 million over five years, decided he was better and worth more than the aforementioned cornerbacks. So, instead of being a man and honoring a commitment to the Packers he signed in 2002, McKenzie demanded that the team renegotiate his deal.

When the Packers denied the request, McKenzie demanded a trade. The Packers didn’t budge.

McKenzie sat out all of training camp and the first game of the 2004 season, before reporting to the Packers. His request for a trade remained after reporting.

During the saga, he hired super douche, Drew Rosenhaus to represent him – his fifth agent in six years. McKenzie’s former agent, Brian Parker, quit on McKenzie after he demanded the trade.

Once McKenzie reported to the Packers, he suffered a mysterious hamstring injury that sidelined him for all but nine snaps of the season. After the season’s fourth game, the Packers and then-coach/general manager Mike Sherman shipped McKenzie to the Saints for a second-round draft choice and quarterback J.T. “The Irish Wonder” O’ Sullivan.

It was an ugly string of events perpetrated by one ugly son of a bitch. On a side note, does anyone else think McKenzie looks like the Predator?

The incident opened the door for future pussies and prima donnas like Javon Walker to hold the Packers hostage to their demands.

So today, I once again say fuck you, Mike McKenzie. I hope you never play another down of football in your life. You don’t deserve it.