Update: On Friday, Bush signed an offer sheet with the Tennessee Titans. The Packers have until next Friday to match the offer, if they so choose.

The guy on the right is somehow in demand.

Anyone who has followed this blog since the beginning is well aware of my out-and-out disdain for Green Bay Packers cornerback, Jarrett Bush.

Bush is, in a word – terrible.

Not only can he not cover an opposing receiver, but he consistently commits boneheaded penalties. Although he was the Packers’ second leading tackler on special teams (17) this past season, Bush also lead the unit in penalties committed (6).

It was absurd that Jarrett Bush was even on the Packers this season, after his preseason performance.

Still, Bush got by on that buzzword known as “potential,” and I heard through the grapevine the coaching staff liked his “athletic ability.”

This phenomenon is something I like to refer to as the Torrance Marshall Syndrome.

Marshall was a stud in college – the heart of the Oklahoma Sooners defense and MVP of the 2001 Orange Bowl. The Green Bay Packers drafted Marshall in the third round of the 2001 draft. Marshall had solid potential and seemingly unlimited athletic ability.

One problem – too stupid to understand the game.

Despite all of his potential and raw ability, Marshall was consistently out of place on defense. In his second season, the Packers tried to convert Marshall into a fullback, but he failed at that as well.

Run to hole. Block man. In hole.

It was all just too much for Marshall and he was never more than a special teams player with the Packers. The team finally cut him after he spent most of his fourth season on injured reserve. He’s never played another NFL game and is now playing in the Arena Football League for the Tampa Bay Storm.

Fast forward to this offseason, when Jarrett Bush became a free agent. The Packers offered the four-year player the lowest possible tender ($1.01 million), meaning they get first right of refusal should Bush sign an offer with another club.

The Packers would also receive draft pick compensation equal to the round Bush was drafted in, should he sign with another team. Bush, however, was originally signed as an undrafted (surprise!) free agent, meaning the Packers would get no compensation.

Here’s the really surprising part – Bush is actually generating interest on the open market.

Those teams said to be in the market for a really bad cornerback? The Tennessee Titans, Baltimore Ravens and Cleveland Browns (no surprise on the last one).

Bush visited Tennessee on Monday, and his agent Derrick Fox expects a Titans’ offer to be forthcoming.

Baltimore will host Bush on Wednesday, where he is thought of as “a strong special teams player who can also provide depth at cornerback and safety,” according to the Baltimore Sun.

If Bush makes it out of Baltimore without an offer and doesn’t sign with Tennessee, he will travel to Cleveland later in the week.

At this point, Bush – who was starting to look like the new Torrance Marshall – looks as good as gone.

And it’s about fucking time.

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