Pat Williams and Kevin Williams

Hey, let's score some drugs.

A Minnesota (really??) judge has blocked the suspensions of the Minnesota Vikings’ tubby defensive linemen Pat Williams and Kevin Williams. No relation.

Hennepin County District Judge Gary Larson issued the temporary restraining order at the players’ request, saying he wanted more time to hear arguments in the case. No further hearing date immediately was set.

Expect Judge Larson (of Far Side fame?) to make up his mind sometime after the Pro Bowl. Gee, I wonder what god-forsaken piece of shit team he roots for on Sundays…

Look, I understand they were not explicitly busted for steroids. But a banned substance is a banned substance. Performance enhancing drugs can be something other than steroids. Taking a pill that makes your slow fat ass lose weight is performance enhancing and it’s not something the league wants to condone. By focusing on the steroid part of the issue, the Williams’ and members of the Minnesota media are totally missing the point. They used weight loss pills that contained a banned substance. That means they get suspended.

Here’s hoping the NFL shows some backbone and fights back.  If you can’t enforce your rules, than why bother having them.