I was going to go into a long diatribe about Green Bay Packers’ fans vs. New Orleans Saints’ fans in advance of the Monday night tilt this evening.

You know – they wear bags on their heads, we (well, not me, but people) wear cheese on our heads. They have the whole, “Who Dat?” thing, which to me is some sort of nonsensical voodoo/Cajun gobbledegook. We have… well, true knowledge of football, which isn’t nearly as interesting as a catch phrase that doesn’t mean anything to anyone. They have a team that has never been past the NFC Championship game. We have a wheelbarrow full of championship trophies.

I mean, look, you get the idea. They might as well be Vikings’ fans.

So, as I was looking for some photographic evidence of this nonsense, I came across this, and forgot what I was doing…

Fuck Da Eagles

You know, I have no idea why there’s such hatred towards the Eagles, but it kind of goes with the whole voodoo thing I was talking about earlier. This bitch’ll leave you a chicken foot!

But outside of her crazy eyes and crazy religious tendencies, you gotta love a girl who one, had a shirt with “fuck” on it, and two others with “whiskey” on it. I gotta spend more time in New Orleans.