Aaron Rodgers

This about sums it up.

In the first half of the Green Bay Packers excruciating 51-29 loss to the New Orleans Saints, there were a few questionable calls and non-calls that went New Orleans’ way. Something stunk about a lot of those (the Drew Brees intentional grounding non-call, for example) and had the game stayed close, I would have made a big deal about them, but the Packers simply got spanked in the second half.

Why did the Packers get spanked?

1. The Packers offensive line sucks. I really, really don’t see any talent on this line. They have been horrible all year.

2. The Packers defensive line simply cannot pressure the quarterback. This has to be priority number one in the next draft. More than anything, this lost the game for Green Bay. Mike, throw in a blitz every now and then. Please.

3. Aaron Rodgers sucked. A horrible night. Props for his hard post-interception tackle though.

4. The Packers receivers were not making plays. Again, where the hell is James Jones?

5. The Packers defensive backs are just not as good as we thought. Not even close.

Have you noticed that whenever the New York Jets turn in a great game, the Packers lay an egg? And before anyone starts pounding the “shouldn’t have traded Favre” drum, please remember the guy wanted to be a Viking. Fuck that guy. He has nothing to do with the shoddy line play this season.

Speaking of Favre, did anyone notice that’s all Tony Kornheiser talked about? Again? What is it with Monday Night Football and shitty color commentators? Why isn’t Ron Jaworski enough color? Kornheiser brings nothing to the table. Here’s hoping he’s back on PTI full time next season. Good lord.

The Packers’ season is over. I’ll be posting draft updates soon.