Tarvaris Jackson

The Vikings are pinning their hopes on this guy.

Tarvaris Jackson is too good to be true – for teams like the Green Bay Packers, anyway.

Jackson, whom Vikings’ coach Brad Childress has professed undying faith in throughout the offseason, was a spectacular 16-of-35, for 178 yards against the Packers on Monday night. That’s an astounding 46 percent completion percentage. Jackson consistently located balls over, under, and around intended receivers, and threw a game-ending interception to the always sure-handed Atari Bigby (who was totally wide open on the play) in the final minute of the game.

While I understand that Jackson has a strong arm and also demonstrates an ability to move the chains when he runs the ball (9 attempts, 65 yards), Jackson looked nothing like the leader of a would-be Super Bowl contender, especially in the first half. While none of this comes as a surprise to me, apparently it does to the Vikings.

From the Vikings’ hometown rag, The Star Tribune:

Jackson should be better than this. His teammates gave impassioned testimonials about his improvement. His coach pinned his reputation on his drafting and development.

Then, in one of the most highly anticipated season openers in Vikings history, Jackson amassed 16 — count ’em, 16 — yards passing in the first half. “Is that, like, a record?” Childress said, tongue in cheek.

Hahahaha… Brad, you are a funny motherfucker!

But seriously, guys, Tarvaris Jackson is your quarterback. That’s the real joke.