2008 NFL Draft

Thoughts On The Packers Return Game, The CBA And The Draft

Jordy Nelson

And they all tie together… First, the big news out of the NFL was the owners deciding to opt out of the current collective bargaining agreement. This assures an uncapped – and most assuredly insane – 2010 season. The future beyond that is uncertain. There may be a walkout or work stoppage, which no NFL […]

Packers’ Draft Options Numerous

Antoine Cason

The Green Bay Packers draft needs are pretty well documented, with the leading contenders by position being cornerback and left tackle. Secondarily, the Packers need a backup tight end, backup quarterback, and possibly another defensive lineman, all for various reasons, which are well documented here. Personally, I feel the pick is a cornerback, if the […]

No Love For Rodgers

A casual surf through Google news reveals several articles and blogs openly wondering if the Packers should draft a QB in the first round. Let me settle this right now. No. They shouldn’t. The way I see it, Aaron Rodgers is more advanced and NFL ready than any of the QBs coming out this year. […]

A New Era. A New Draft. A New Blog. Welcome to Total Packers

Martellus Bennett

The 2008 NFL Draft approaches and I have some thoughts and predictions that I’d like to share. Before I get to that however, I should get the whole welcome-to-our-blog-we-hope you-enjoy-it thing out of the way. So here goes. Welcome to Total Packers. We hope you enjoy our commentary this season and we hope that you […]